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"It's something unpredictable but in the end its right. I hope you had the time of your life." Green Day

"Late at night when all the world, is sleeping. I stay up and think of you. And i wish on a star that somewhere you are thinking of me too..." Dreaming of You: Selena

"It's been too long and i'm lost without you. What am i gonna do. I've been needing you wanting you. Wondering if youre the same and whos been with you. Is your heart still mine? I wanna cry sometimes. I miss you." I Miss You: Aaliyah

"Baby it breaks my heart to think that loving me is not easy to do and i dont mean to make it hard. Sorry for all the changes i put you through. And i still cant believe after everything, you're still here right beside me wouldnt trade you for this world. Thankful just being your girl." Breaks My Heart: Monica

"When i first saw you i already knew. There was something inside of you. Something i thought that i would never find. Angel of mine. I look at you looking at me, now i know why they say the best things are free. Im gonna love you boy you are so fine. Angel of mine." Angel of Mine: Monica

"...now theres something that i have to do, i have to tell the one that i once adored that they cant have my love no more. Cause my heart cant take no more lies. And my eyes are all out of cries..." Angel Amanda Perez

"Dont make me close one more door i dont wanna hurt anymore. Stay in my arms if you dare. Or must i imagine you there. Dont walk away from me. I have nothing, nothing, nothing if i dont have you." I Have Nothing: Whitney Houston

"I pretend that im glad you went away, these four walls closin more everyday and i'm dyin inside but nobody knows it but me. Like a clown i put on a show, the pain is real even if nobody knows and im crying inside and nobody knows it but me. Why didnt i say the things i needed to say how could i let my angel get away now my world is just a tumblin down i can say it so clearly but you're nowhere around. The nights are lonely, the days are so sad and, i just keep thinking about the love that we had and im missing you...but nobody knows it but me..." Nobody Knows: Tony Rich

"I'll always remember it was late afternoon. It lasted forever and ended so soonly. You were all by yourself staring up at a darkened sky and i was changed. In places no one will find all your feelings so deep inside, deep inside, was there that i realized that forever was in your eyes the moment i saw you cry." Cry: Mandy Moore

"It's gonna be love, its gonna be great, its gonna be more than i can take, its gona be free its gonna be real its gonna change everything i feel its gonna be sad its gonna be true its gonna be me baby, its gonna be you....its gonna be love." Its Gonna Be Love: Mandy Moore

"In my dreams i'll always see you soar above the sky. In my heart there'll always be a place for you for all my life, I'll keept a part of you in me. And every i am there you'll be." There You'll Be: Faith Hill

"If you believe that dreams come true theres one thats waiting there for you and i believed when i saw you that when you want someone enough, that they cant escape your love. There is nothing in this world that cannot be, if you believe." If You Believe: Rachael Lampa

"When you want it the most theres no easy way out, when youre ready to go and your hearts left in doubt dont give up on your faith love comes to those who believe it. And thats the way it is." Thats The Way It Is: Celine Dion

"Why am i fighting to live if im just living to fight, why am i trying to see when there aint nothing in sight why am i trying to give when no one gives me a try why am i dying to live if im just living to die." Tupac Shakur and Biggie Smalls: Runnin

"I'm not a perfect person. Theres many things i wish i didnt do but i continue learning i never meant to do those things to you. And so i have to say before i go. That i just want you to know. I found a reason for me to change who i used to be a reason to start over new. And the reason is you." The Reason: Hoobastank

"I hope you never fear those mountains in the distance. Never settle for the path of least resistance. Living might be taking chances, but theyre worth takin. Lovin might be a mistake but its worth makin. Dont let some hell bent heart leave you bitter. When you come close to sellin out reconsider. Give the heavens above more than just a passing glance and when you get the choice to sit it out or dance, i hope you dance." I Hope You Dance: Lee Anne Womack

"Dreams last for so long even after you're gone i know, you love me and soon you will see you were meant for me and i was meant for you." You Were Meant For Me: Jewel

"Girl i've apologized a million times before so here it comes again for all the wrong ive done girl get ready babe heres one million one, Girl ths is my sorry for 2004 and i aint gonna mess up no more this year, ima take this one chance and make it real clear. Im sorry for may, im sorry for june, sorry for july and in case i dont tell you. August, september, october november, december im sorry 2004" Sorry 2004: Ruben Studdard

"It's not like i can't live without you, its just that i dont really want to try. Every night i dream about you. Ever since the day we said goodbye. If i wasnt such a fool right now id be holding you, baby i would give the world. If only you would feel me girl..." Back To Your Heart: Backstreet Boys

"My whole life has changed since you came in i knew back then you were that special one. Im so in love so deep in love you made my life complete you are so sweet no one competes glad you came in to my life you blind me with your love with you i have no sight." Differences: Ginuwine

"Dont speak i know what youre sayin so please stop explaining dont tell me cause it hurts. Dont speak i know what you thinkin and i dont need your reasons. Dont tell me cause it hurts." Dont Speak No Doubt

"Tell me how am i supposed to live without you? Now that ive been lovin you so long? Tell me how am i supposed to live without you, tell me how am i supposed to carry on? When all that ive been living for is gone." How Am I Supposed To Live Without You: Michael Bolten

"Life aint always what it seems to be, Words cant express what you mean to me, even though your gone we're still a team, Through your family ill fufill your dreams, In the future cant wait to see, If you open up the gates for me, remeniss sometimes, the night they took my friend, try to black it out but it plays again, and my feelings are hard to conceal, cant imagine all the pain i feel, give anything to hear half your breath, I know your still livin your life after death, Every breath i take, Every move i make, Every single day, Everytime i pray, Ill be missin you, Thinkin of the day, When you went away, What a life to take, What a bond to break, Ill be missin you" I'll Be Missing You: P Diddy

"Buy me a rose, call me from work, open a door for me what would it hurt. Show me you love me by the look in your eyes, these are the little things i need most in my life." Buy me a Rose: Luther Vandross

"One, youre like a dream come true. Two, just wanna be with you. Three, girl its plain to see that youre the only one for me and four, repeat steps one, two, three, five make you fall in love with me. If ever i believe my work is done. Then i start back at one." Back At One: Brian Mcknight

"You were everything, everything that i wanted. We were meant to be supposed to be but we lost it. All the memories so close to me just fade away. All this time you were pretending so much for my happy ending." My Happy Ending: Avril Lavigne

"All my life, i prayed for someone like you. And i thank God that i, that i finally found you. All my life i pray for someone like you and i hope that you feel the same way too. Yes i pray that you do love me too." All My Life: K-ci and Jojo

"And it's a secret, that no one tells. One day its heaven one day its hell. And its not fairytell. Take it from me. Thats the way its supposed to be. You will cry and you will crawl...God knows even angels fall" Even Angels Fall: Jessica Riddle

"And even as a wander, im keepin you in sight youre the candle in the window on a cold dark winters night and im gettin close than i ever thought i might. And i cant fight this feeling any more. Ive forgetten what i started fightin for. It's time to bring this shipmeant to the shore and throw away the oars forever. Cause i cant fight this feeling anymore. I've forgotten what i started fightin for and if i have to crawl upon the floor come crashing through the door, baby i cant fight this feeling anymore." Cant Fight This Feeling: REO Speedwagon

"I could stay awake just to hear you breathin, watch you smile while you are sleepin while youre far away dreamin, i could spend my life in this sweet surrender i could stay lost in this moment forever. Ever moment spent with you is a moment i treasure...Dont wanna close my eyes, dont wanna fall asleep cause I'd miss you baby and i dont wanna miss a thing. cause even when i dream of you, the sweetest dream will never do id still miss you baby and i dont wanna miss a thing." Dont Wanna Miss A Thing: Aerosmith

"When you are with me, im free..im careless i believe above all others we'll fly this brings tears to my eyes, my sacrifice." My Sacrifice: Creed

"Can we go back to the days our love was strong. Can you tell me how a perfect love goes wrong. Can somebody tell me how to get things back the way they used to be. Oh God give me a reason. I'm down on bended knee." Bended Knee:
Boyz II Men

"Everytime our eyes meet this feeling inside me it's almost more than i can take. Baby when you touch me. I feel how much you love me and it just blows me away. I've never been this close to anyone or anything. I can hear your thoughts. I can see your dreams. Dont know how you do what you do. I'm so in love with you. It just keeps gettin better. I wanna spend the rest of my life. With you by my side. Forever and ever. Every little thing that you do baby i'm amazed by you." Amazed: Lonestar

"Baby dont you know i'll do anything for you give you my time give you my heart life hasnt been easy known you love somebody else and theres nothing i can do about all i have to blame is myself i cant, I cant get you out if mind. Your love is one of a kind. You've given so much of yourself. I swear dont want nobody else." Cant get you (out of my mind): Blackstreet

"You've got your problems and i've got mine lets just end it all by putting it together then you say you love me it dont mean a thing. If you cared, you'd be there like you used to be. I'm searchin for the words to make you realize. That i really really want you to stay. Tears of frustration i hold inside but if you walk away you'll make this grown man cry. Dont leave, dont leave me girl please stay with me tonight. Dont leave, dont leave me girl. Please stay with me..." Dont Leave Me Girl: Blackstreet

"If i'm not in love with you, what is this im going through tonight. And if my heart is lying then. What should i believe in. Why do i go crazy, everytime i think about you baby. Why else would i want you like i do. If i'm not in love with you. And if i don't need your touch why do i miss you so much tonight? If it's just infatuation then why is my heart aching to hold you forever, give a part of me i thought i'd never give again to someone i could lose. If im not in love with you." If I'm Not In Love: Faith Hill

"Words can't describe what i feel about you, only heaven knows how much i do. Girl i'll put my own life on the line I'd cherish and protect you with my life. All the shit i said girl i didn't mean I'd die without your love baby if you leave. I could let you walk away. But im not goin out that way. Not that way, not goin out that way cause i cant live without you, can't be without you i'm beggin you to stay. I love you and even though i said that you could leave me i want another chance to adore you. I still believe in you and me. I love you wont you take the time take the time to see. I dont wanna have to live my life in misery i wasnt ready for you to set me free dont give our love away." I Love You: Dru Hill

"I'm rollin down a lonely highway, askin God to please forgive me. For messin up the blessing he gave to me i see everything clearer now. The nights as black, as black as its ever been without my girl, i'm losin i pray that he just sheds his grace on me i need just to be back with my baby. it feels like i just walked right outta heaven. Feels like i done damn near thrown my life away. Like a child thats lost at seven dont know what to do. It feels like i just walked right outta heaven." Walked Outta Heaven: Jagged Edge

"Time on my hands, since you been away boy. I aint got no plans no no no no and the sound of the rain, on my windowpain is slowly slowy drivin me insane boy, I'm goin down, i'm goin down, cause you ain't around baby, my whole worlds upside down." Im Goin Down: Mary J Blige

"Looks like we made it, look how far we've come my baby, we mighta took the long way. We knew we'd get there someday. They said, i bet they'll never make it but just look at us holdin on we're still together still goin strong. You're still the one, you're still the one i run to, the one that i belong too, you're still the one i want for life. You're still the one, you're still the one that i love the only one i dream of, you're still the one i kiss goodnight." You're Still The One: Shania Twain

"A lonely mother gazing out the window lookin at her son that she just can't touch. If any time hes in a jam, She'll be by his side, but he doesnt realize he hurts her so much. But all the prayin just ain't helpin at all cause he can't seem to keep himself outta trouble. So he goes out and makes his money the best way he knows how another body laying cold in the gutter listen to me. Don't go chasin waterfalls please stick to the rivers and the lakes that you're used to i know that you're gonna have it your way or nothing at all but i think you're movin to fast. Little precious has a natural obsession for temptation but he just can't see. she gives him lovin that his body can't handle but all he can say is baby it's good to me. One day he goes and takes a glimpse in the mirror but he doesnt recognize his own face. His health is fading and he doesnt know why three letters took him to his final resting place ya'll don't hear me..." Waterfalls: TLC

"I was all alone, i was feelin rather low i needed someone to lift my spirits up. So I dropped in on a dance, just to take a glance and there this lovely thing was, she was more than enough. I asked her for her hand, said would you like to dance so pleased that i had asked she quickly took my hand and we danced and fell in love on a slow jam. Play another slow jam this time make it sweet. On a slow jam for my baby and for me. Play another slow jam this time make it sweet. On a slow jam for my baby and for me. Seems what you say is true. I feel the same way too. I waited all night long just to dance with you. And when you touched my hand i knew you were the man. To turn my whole world around and make my dreams come true. The magic in your eyes, made me realize that everything i feel has got to be real and we danced and fell in love on a slow jam..." Slow Jam: Monica and Usher

"Suddenly it happend so fast, i couldn't belive the news that i recieved my heart stopped as i hit the floor i fell to my knees crying lord help me no matter what time brings or the changes we go through in life there some things we just can't prepare for. I don't care what they say, i don't care what they do, i don't care what they think i'm gonna love you for the rest of my life, dont they know true love never dies. I promise to love you for the rest of my life." Rest Of My Life: Xscape

"When the night has come, and the land is dark. And the moon is the only light we'll see. No i wont be afraid, no i wont be afraid, just as long as you stand by me, stand by me. And darlin darlin, stand by me now now stand by me. Oh stand stand by me stand by me. If the night we look upon should tumble and fall and the mountains should crumble to the sea. I won't cry, i won't cry no i won't shed a tear. Just as long as you stand, stand by me, stand by me." Stand By Me: Ben E. King
"Broken this fragile thing now and i can't i can't pick up the pieces, thrown my words all around and i can't i can't give you a reason. I feel so broken up, so broken and i give up and i give up i just want to tell you so you know. Here i go, scream my lungs out to try and get to you, you are my only one i let go theres just no one that gets me like you do. You are my only, my only one." Only One: Yellowcard

"(Mmm you're gonna want me back), the last word she said to me now i wishin she was still here with me. (You know youre gonna need me), and now that days here your man gotta shed tears. You never missed a good thing till it leaves ya, finally i realize that i need ya i want you back, baby girl i need you back gotta have you back. Heartbroken when you left my world. Man i wish i would have kept my girl, i love you i dont know what im gonna do with out with out my baby. And its drivin me crazy, drivin me crazy cause i'm missin my baby, missin my baby i'm goin outta my mind, and im runnin outta time i just wish i could find you girl said i'm about to go crazy bout to go crazy cause i been needing you lately and all them things that i said i wish that i never said em now." Throwback: Usher
"I get so weak in the knees i can hardly speak i lose all control and somethin takes hold of me in a daze your loves so amazing it's not a faze i want you to stay with me by my side i swallow my pride your love is so sweet it knocks me right off of my feet, can't explain why your lovin makes me weak." Weak: SWV

Love This Song!!!!

Baby i just don't get it
Do you enjoy bein hurt
I know you smell the perfume
The make up on his shirt
You don't believe his stories
You know that they're all lies
Bad as you are, you stick around
And i just don't know why

If i was your man, baby you
Never worry bout, what i do
I'd be comin home, back to you
Everynight, doin you right
You're the kind woman, deserves good things
Fist full of diamonds, hand full of rings
Baby you're a star i just want to show you, you are

You should let me love you
Let me be the one to
Give you everything you want and need
That good love and protection
Make me your selection
Show you the way loves supposed to be
Baby, you should let me love you

You're true beauty's description
Look so good that it hurts
You're a dime, plus nintey-nine
And it's a shame
Don't even know what you're worth
Everywhere you go they stop and stare
Cause you're bad and it shows
From your head to your toes
Out of control
Baby you know...
Mario: Let Me Love You


I WaNt YoU I NeEd YoU Oh BaBy Oh BaBy