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The question is:
If You Could Describe Me In One Word What Would It Be?

Streetball2220 (8:53:36 PM): intelligentsexysmart

Jmb892: hotfunnysmartandnicetohangaround

Bollershocaller (6:49:57 PM): nice

Hige TruetoBlue (9:18:58 PM): uhhhh, enlightening

barmatthew90 (6:43:49 PM): freakingsexycoolumgoodpersonalitygoodlucking,beautifulandsexy

forevaAtexaschic (10:21:14 PM): awsome

PurpleMoe566 (9:06:28 PM): mellow

the lnfamous 3 6 (10:23:01 PM): lol
the lnfamous 3 6 (10:24:11 PM): uhh
the lnfamous 3 6 (10:24:28 PM): ProbablyHot

Ydoc Retnuh (9:57:13 PM): hotcoolsexyfunny 

SportsChick91239 (9:51:50 PM): hmmm

SportsChick91239 (9:52:17 PM): daring

SportsChick91239 (9:52:23 PM): lol

youngac123 (9:51:30 PM): ur not describable in one word, theres to many things to say about u

SmithLeeUnit (5:06:40 PM): caring, unique, special, honest to name a few

MbbDepGIT810 (5:28:54 PM): uhhh.....  enticing....

CC4life7212: hold up

CC4life7212: lemme think

CC4life7212: funny i guess

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