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This Is The Kinda Stuff That You Wish You Got On Film Or Something But It's Alright Cause Im Tryin To Recapture The Moment


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(Dylan S. throwing carrots at Airaka)
Airaka: hey...hey....HEY! throwing carrots is soo not cool.

(lookin at airakas south pole shirt)
Devahn: south pole...sheeeit thats the opposite of north pole.

(me and airaka lookin at my agenda)
Airaka: kinda sexy...
Devahn: Ain't it...
Airaka: Anus?
Devahn: What? NO. ain't it you fricken illiterate child!

Airaka: You'd like go stab him
Devahn: Yea kill his ass
Airaka: Like rip his penis off and shove it up his um...
Devahn: Twist his balls like a bull and watch him run around right. OR OR OR, you know them things like that crush stuff you could hang their balls over that and turn the wheel...
Airaka: Lmao
Devahn: And you know sing that song...the wheel in the sky keeps on turnin
Airaka: LMAO!!!

(making sign language)
Devahn: This is how you make and N and M
Kaitlyn: No this is how
Devahn: No cause this is what an M looks like why would they make it harder for deaf people? I MEAN BLIND!!! (kelly and i start cracking up...5 minutes later still laughing)
Devahn: HAHAHA it is deaf cause the blind wouldn't be able to see it

(cheering airaka up)
Devahn: Sing mary had a little lamb
Airaka: mary had a little lamb, little lamb, mary had a REMIX (rap style) mary had a little lamb
Devahn: (how big?)
Airaka: Little lamb whos fleece was white as snow SAY WHAT?
Devahn: White....As....Snow

(Airaka playing a piano): Wow i'm just like picasso!!!
Devahn: He's an artist
Airaka: Oh right...

(Watching an Imax with waves)
Devahn: Its like we are in a boat
(big wave crashes down)
Devahn: Oh...not anymore

Devahn: Jenny you are so cool
Jenny: Yes i know, i rock

Devahn: Hey boobs

Devahn: If youre writing something dirty i swear...yea i wanna see it.

Devahn: Move you big FAT ASS

StwBereesNCreem (5:44:43 PM):
call him up dude
StwBereesNCreem (5:44:45 PM)
be like
StwBereesNCreem (5:44:48 PM)
what up sexy
StwBereesNCreem (5:44:54 PM)
well dont start with that
StwBereesNCreem (5:44:59 PM)
more lika, hey this sarah
StwBereesNCreem (5:45:01 PM)
what up sexy
DeadMisfits1215 (5:45:03 PM)

StwBereesNCreem (5:55:12 PM):
ah yes
StwBereesNCreem (5:55:15 PM)
i will call
StwBereesNCreem (5:55:29 PM)
when mom gets off the phone with radioactive grandma
DeadMisfits1215 (5:55:55 PM)

StwBereesNCreem (6:26:53 PM):
StwBereesNCreem (6:26:55 PM)
StwBereesNCreem (6:26:58 PM)
they shoudl take turns
DeadMisfits1215 (6:27:08 PM)
no lets think realisticly
StwBereesNCreem (6:27:15 PM)
DeadMisfits1215 (6:27:17 PM)
how do you spell that?
StwBereesNCreem (6:27:24 PM)
DeadMisfits1215 (6:27:29 PM)
that looks like popscicly
StwBereesNCreem (6:27:35 PM)
StwBereesNCreem (6:27:38 PM)
fuck it

DeadMisfits1215 (6:31:20 PM):
ok enough with the animal sex
DeadMisfits1215 (6:31:29 PM)
its damaging my horniness

StwBereesNCreem (6:31:54 PM):
has your horny what sit returned?
DeadMisfits1215 (6:32:00 PM)
more than ever
StwBereesNCreem (6:32:05 PM)
oh yes
StwBereesNCreem (6:32:10 PM)
DeadMisfits1215 (6:32:13 PM)

StwBereesNCreem (10:33:15 PM):
StwBereesNCreem (10:33:18 PM)
funs and roses
StwBereesNCreem (10:33:21 PM)
StwBereesNCreem (10:33:22 PM)
Guns and roses
StwBereesNCreem (10:33:24 PM)
my bad

StwBereesNCreem (9:27:46 PM):
Ydoc Retnuh (9:27:50 PM): jesus christ
StwBereesNCreem (9:27:54 PM):
and its not supposed to be a penis
StwBereesNCreem (9:27:58 PM)
its just supposed give a sensation
Ydoc Retnuh (9:28:03 PM): zomg

barmatthew90 (9:40:41 PM): will u plz come to one of our games
StwBereesNCreem (9:41:06 PM):
the football
barmatthew90 (9:42:40 PM): yes
StwBereesNCreem (9:43:21 PM):
StwBereesNCreem (9:43:24 PM)
lack of fans?
StwBereesNCreem (9:43:30 PM)
or youre afraid my sexiness will leave over the weekend
barmatthew90 (9:43:41 PM): yea
barmatthew90 (9:43:48 PM): im afraid of the sexiness
barmatthew90 (9:43:51 PM)
: will leave
barmatthew90 (9:43:57 PM)
: over the weekend

StwBereesNCreem (7:42:05 PM): i lurve you willy!
StwBereesNCreem (7:42:10 PM): what do you want for you gift
StwBereesNCreem (7:42:15 PM): i am making your a homemade card
bushwacker0609 (7:42:20 PM): its green and it looks like paper kinda
bushwacker0609 (7:42:27 PM): but its got presidents faces on it
StwBereesNCreem (7:42:50 PM): what?
bushwacker0609 (7:43:11 PM): im describing money
bushwacker0609 (7:43:12 PM): lol

Devahn: You look happy, sucked any penises lately?

Devahn: Putta lip lock on my fuck stick. That sounds like a song
Sarah: It should be. And the title would be My Fuck Stick.
Devahn: Oh yea
Sarah: And the edited version would be, putta lip lock on my sex stick

Devahn: Would you happen to like have a dollar?
Guy: No
Devahn: Would you happen to like have a quarter?
Guy: No
Devahn: Would you happen to like have a dime?
Guy: No
Devahn: Would you --
Guy: Shutup!
Devahn: Jesus you big cock.

Devahn: I wonder if a rocket could go down. Oh haha yea or else they wouldnt be able to get back to earth...

Mr.Clark: What are you doing with those staples
Sarah: I like to staple
Devahn: She really really likes staples. All over her wall. She likes staples
Mr.Clark: Well we all have our fetishes

cC oO dD yY  hH (10:03:23 PM): on a scale of 1-10 how good am i in the sack
StwBereesNCreem (10:03:27 PM): cody
StwBereesNCreem (10:03:31 PM): i havent seen you in a sack
cC oO dD yY  hH (10:03:36 PM): lmao

DeadMisfits1215 (5:39:10 PM): i had a dream about him last night too
StwBereesNCreem (5:39:14 PM): sexual?/
DeadMisfits1215 (5:40:11 PM): oh yes
StwBereesNCreem (5:40:20 PM): right on right on right on?
DeadMisfits1215 (5:40:44 PM): no like

Sarah: Dylan can i have some money for a drink?
Dylan: You have a drink
Sarah: i need another one
Dylan: Why?
Sarah: Have you seen the guy behind the counter? Now do you understand?
Dylan: Alright
Sarah: (as she points to the cooler) May i have a drink please?
Guy: What kind
Sarah:What kind do you have?
Guy: Look in the cooler
Sarah: Where?
Guy: You're pointing to it...

Devahn: That sounded like a hammer
Sarah: Yea like when i hit you on the head with it and your mom comes in here saying "What was that hollow noise?"
Devahn: Yea...hahaha
Sarah: You dont even get it do you?
Devahn: No.
Sarah: My point is proven

Sarah: You love me i do not
Devahn: ....you sound like you're smoking pot

Sarah: (Looks into the microwave at school) OH GOD! ....... it smells.
Devahn: OH GOD!
Sarah: What?
Devahn: This bucket is heavy.

Sarah and i are standing with our big bucket of water when mr.worozbyt walks by
Mr.W: Hey girls nice bucket
Devahn: What did he say?
Sarah: Bucket....not buns devahn, bucket.
Devahn: Oh.

Sarah: Hi may i please speak to Shannon? Oh hes not there? Then i better be going. What my name? (Whispers) "devahn, whats my name?"
Devahn: SARAH!!!
Sarah: Oh! Hey it's Dave.

Sarah: Hey what if there was this really fat woman--
Devahn: And superman couldnt carry her?
Sarah. Hahaha. Thats not what i was going to say.
Devahn: Oh.

I had just locked myself out of my room and was attempting to open the door by jamming some little stick thing inside.
Devahn: Damn it wont go in. I think its too small. There just isnt enough room.
Everyone looks at me
Devahn: No no you know what i meant
Everyone: Mm hmm, we know.

Devahn: You dont know a lot of big words do you?
Josh (Brother): No.
Devahn Insinuate?
Josh: No.
Devahn: Hypothetical?
Josh: No.
Devahn: Retorical?
Josh: No. I know the word melancholy.
Devahn: Really? What does it mean?
Josh: I dont know, i just know the word.

Sarah: Someones last name should be moorecock.
Devahn: Uh huh, and their first name Ladies the middle gimme. Ladies gimme moorecock.
Sarah: Hahaha. Uh no because ladies dont have cock
Devahn: Right. Fellas.

Talking about Kevin who reaches about where sarahs chest is. Thats his special place.
Devahn: Its unbalanced.
Sarah: So
Dylan: Hes gonna be there and go "Where am I?" and sarah will be like, "You're home."

Sarah: I think i've got a bad nut.
Devahn: Yea? I think my brother has said that before.

Devahn: Hey sarah want some butterscotch pussin? Sarah: What?
Devahn: Pudding. I meant pudding.

Sarah: Hey i saw your brother he is really cute.
Barbiegurl: I dont have a brother.
Sarah: Oh. I better be going

Sarah: Wow your highlights turned out nice. They are better than before.
Devahn: What? I didnt get highlights. I just got it cut.
Sarah: Oh.

Sarah: If a guy could memorise the lyrics to splash waterfalls i would fall in love with him.
Devahn: Why?
Sarah: The song turns me on
Devahn: Oh...

Sarah: Shut your mouth you dirty slut you know want it in the butt
(during her singing i was yelling FRA FRA FRESH FRA FRA)
Sarah: What were you doing
Devahn: I saved your ass
Sarah: How?
Devahn: Well that teacher was all of 2 feet away when you started singing that song
Sarah: oh
Devahn: Yea so i yelled something random and loud hoping he wouldnt hear.
Sarah: Hahaha. Thanks.
Devahn: Anytime.

Mrs: Rigby: Can i read that note?
Devahn: Sure
Mrs R: "I want both of them at the same time.." I hope that doesnt mean what i think.
Sarah: No.
Mrs R: Oh. Good.
Devahn: Yea i'll have that back thanks.
Sarah: Hmmm...well what was on her mind?

Mrs R: The best thing about science is you can say words like dung and pee and fart and sex. You can say stuff like poop and waste and did i mention you can say sex?

(sitting in traffic dead silence after sarah got stung by a wasp)

(talking to a cow)
Anders: You look like a cow i once tipped

Me: Josh im talking to my mom, its very important
Josh: It's about sex isnt it?
Me: Not actually-
Josh: Birds and the bees? I'll let you get back to it
Me: We arent actually-
Josh: Wait wait, i have a story to tell you...

Roosevelt: Mrs.Winkey
Me: What? why do you keep callin me that?
Roosevelt: It's funny, winkey.
Me: Shutup. I like it.
Josh: I know you like it...what girl doesnt.
Me: You guys are not invited to my wedding
Josh: Fine, i'll come in and spike your punch with my piss
Me: What? That's gross. You're NOT invited

Me: When does my dad get home
Josh: I dont know
Me: When does he usually get home
Josh: I dont know
Me: Well what time does he usually get off of
Me: How come?
Josh: Shutup...

Dylan Karns: Hola
Sarah: Hola! This is Sarah
Dylan: Hola senorita sarah, Me Senor Dylan
Sarah: OK, cool (looks at me)
I can say cool right? He does know english..?

Me: Excuse me
Anders: There wasnt anyone there
Me: Yes there was (looks back) Ok youre right...

(By the sexy bench in TX)
Me: I think im gonna carve my name in the bench so people remember me
Josh: Let me do it
(ross pulls out knife)
Meghan: This is illegal right?
Ross: Not if nobody sees us
Me: Josh your S looks like a 5
Josh: no it doesnt
(everyone looks)
Yes it does
Me: My turn
Ross: Cars coming...
Me: Oh no! (holds my hands up in air with the knife)

(meghan laughs)
Ross: That might be the stupidest thing i've ever seen

Me: I like those trees
Meghan: Which ones
Me: Those the pine wait...not pine...you know willowy pine
Meghan: Palm?
Me: Yes thats it. Palm trees.

Me: Josh you're a real pain in my ass
Josh: I told you, you couldn't handle this

Josh: No booty shot fucker

Me: So airaka you goin to the game tonight
Airaka: Oh yea! are you?
Me: Yea of course
Airaka: Ha thats ghetto

Nathanial: I've got soup
Me: Shutup mines better, i got subway EAT FRESH

Jenny: Oh its actually bubblegum
Becca and Me: What did you think it was?
Jenny: I thought it was bubblegame flavored skittles
Me: What? Then it would have said Bubble gum flavored skittles
Elyse: THey wouldn't do that, bubblegum is not part of the rainbow
Me: It was defintely obvious
Becca: Oh look they wrote Gum on the skittle so people would know
Devahn: They wrote that for people like Jenny who get confused
Jenny: Shutup, i said that they were skittles bubblegum
Devahn: Exactly
Jenny: No that would make you wrong...no it wouldnt never mind you're right...

Elyse: Oh my God they should have killed him. Stupid.
Devahn: Elyse i think you might need anger management
Elyse: No i dont
Devahn: I think you might
Elyse: No i don't
Devahn: Maybe you do
Elyse: Devahn shutup before i kill you!

GBPtime97: jw, have you ever felt like you want to walk to a random innocent person and rip out their lower intestine and shove it up their ass for no reason?

XoxoBaBeanXoxo: because i think the only reason he talked to me was to get the following point across "leave me the fuck alone you dirty whore i dont want to be your friend"

xoxobabeanxoxo: devahn: did you know that when you burn a leaf it makes a crackle noise thats how the little kids in africa do it on fourth of july
xoxobabeanxoxo: (sarah) THEY DONT HAVE FOURTH OF JULY RETARD!
xoxobabeanxoxo: on the contrary my friend they do
xoxobabeanxoxo: they have kawnzaa

StwBereesNCreem (10:33:29 PM): i was trying to think of an animal that reminded me of me
StwBereesNCreem (10:33:33 PM): so far, im too sexy for them all
youngAC123 (10:33:52 PM): indeed u are, i dont think theyre are n e sexier than u
youngAC123 (10:34:07 PM): do u count mermaids as animals
StwBereesNCreem (10:34:12 PM): yes why
youngAC123 (10:34:32 PM): then maybe a really really really sexy one of those reminds me of u

StwBereesNCreem (9:46:01 PM): l
StwBereesNCreem (9:46:01 PM): o
StwBereesNCreem (9:46:02 PM): v
StwBereesNCreem (9:46:03 PM): e
StwBereesNCreem (9:46:06 PM): me!!
XxXxX CH XxXxX (9:46:06 PM): s
XxXxX CH XxXxX (9:46:07 PM): cody
StwBereesNCreem (9:46:15 PM): s cody?
StwBereesNCreem (9:46:18 PM): super cody?
XxXxX CH XxXxX (9:46:22 PM): it said
XxXxX CH XxXxX (9:46:25 PM): your mom loves cody

StwBereesNCreem (9:48:00 PM): im feelin funky
XxXxX CH XxXxX (9:48:16 PM): through the fire
StwBereesNCreem (9:48:22 PM): light me up
XxXxX CH XxXxX (9:48:22 PM): to the limit to the wall
StwBereesNCreem (9:48:29 PM): like a blunt
XxXxX CH XxXxX (9:48:34 PM): ew
XxXxX CH XxXxX (9:48:37 PM): im gay sweety

StwBereesNCreem (9:58:47 PM): i want a shirt
StwBereesNCreem (9:58:50 PM): that has a big S
StwBereesNCreem (9:58:59 PM): you know for spiderman
XxXxX CH XxXxX (9:59:07 PM): .....
XxXxX CH XxXxX (9:59:14 PM): i want a shirt with a big s
XxXxX CH XxXxX (9:59:15 PM): for shut up

StwBereesNCreem (10:19:38 PM): oh dear
StwBereesNCreem (10:19:42 PM): ive lost my memory
youngAC123 (10:19:45 PM): lol
StwBereesNCreem (10:20:09 PM): bang me
StwBereesNCreem (10:20:13 PM): so i can get it back
StwBereesNCreem (10:20:15 PM): ok not bang me
StwBereesNCreem (10:20:17 PM): bang it back into me
StwBereesNCreem (10:20:19 PM): wait
StwBereesNCreem (10:20:23 PM): shutup me
youngAC123 (10:20:26 PM): lol
StwBereesNCreem (10:20:53 PM): i think something is wrong with me
youngAC123 (10:21:28 PM): that is the most bangage ive ever heard in a sequence of sentences

StwBereesNCreem (10:40:09 PM): wanna fight
SmithLeeUnit (10:40:20 PM): sure
SmithLeeUnit (10:40:27 PM): won't be much of a fight though
SmithLeeUnit (10:40:29 PM): ur nothing
StwBereesNCreem (10:40:34 PM): what?
StwBereesNCreem (10:40:38 PM): thats it bitch
StwBereesNCreem (10:40:44 PM): ill kick your balls right back where they came from
SmithLeeUnit (10:41:18 PM): impossible
SmithLeeUnit (10:41:21 PM): im too fast
StwBereesNCreem (10:41:26 PM): ill seduce you
SmithLeeUnit (10:41:42 PM): impossible.. im to mentally strong
StwBereesNCreem (10:42:00 PM): ill shoot you with a sniper rifle
StwBereesNCreem (10:42:08 PM): too fast for that
StwBereesNCreem (10:42:10 PM): i think not

StwBereesNCreem (10:43:44 PM): peekaboo
StwBereesNCreem (10:43:46 PM): i see you
youngAC123 (10:44:13 PM): i love that game

StwBereesNCreem (10:54:41 PM): so its jiggaboo
StwBereesNCreem (10:54:53 PM): how could you use that
StwBereesNCreem (10:54:59 PM): i jiggaboo you?
youngAC123 (10:55:23 PM): well it depends how u want to use it
StwBereesNCreem (10:55:29 PM): ha
youngAC123 (10:55:39 PM): and in wat cotext
youngAC123 (10:55:42 PM): context
youngAC123 (10:55:43 PM): **
StwBereesNCreem (10:55:49 PM): hmm
StwBereesNCreem (10:55:54 PM): you can use it any way you wont
StwBereesNCreem (10:55:57 PM): want
youngAC123 (10:56:08 PM): like maybe, i wanna jiggaboo u

youngAC123 (8:30:42 PM): o ur more than doable, ur a sexy laday

StwBereesNCreem (9:30:23 PM): i dunno, maybe its just me, but that sequence of words makes me think BAM sex

cC oO dD yY hH (11:04:44 PM): i got my october colors already biznackle

Kaitlyn: Kelly wanted to have sex with my rabbit
Me: What?
Kelly: I was petting him and then i said i want to have sex with your rabbit
Me: Oh. Wow wouldn't that be weird? A bunch of fuzzy kellys?

Me: In gonna write in big letters, words

(in social studies sarah types in UNconstitution)
Sarah: Hmm this doesnt look right
Me: It's like porn
Sarah: what?
Me: You typed in unconstituion is that the site?
Sarah: Oh whoops is US constitution
Me: Oh. Haha. Thats definantely unconstitutional.



I WaNt YoU I NeEd YoU Oh BaBy Oh BaBy