This Is To All You People Out There That I Really Love. If you wanna be on here lemme know.


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Elyse- Hey girly i love you soo much man!!! you are so awesome. I know you been havin some tough times lately girl and i know i don't understand it cause i can't say i've had somethin like that happen to me but i'm here for you if you need to vent and whatever else, you know for a good time ; ) but yea i'm so glad we been a lot tighter lately!!! Keep your head up MUAH!!!!!!
Josh (booger!)- Hey Joshers, i love you bro. CHRISTMAS BABY!!!!! Can't wait till then PARTY!!!! Not like we'll be partying you know how we're so innocent and what not!!! Man i dunno what the deal is with the trashcan incident...hahaha well when you're off punishment it will be funny. Classic right? At least you still livin in the house it just wouldn't be the same with out you...you couldn't wait on me!!!!! No really though, we been a lot closer lately and i love it, and i love you too!!! Keep them pimp juices flowing aight!??!! MUAH!!!!

Will- Hey babe i love you sooo much will you been there for me through sooo much i don't know what i would do without you. You're one of my little angels!!!!!! I don't always feel like i'm there for you like you're there for me but if you ever need something really, i owe you so much!!!!! I'm sorry you and Sarah didn't work out (again :) ) but i think bein friends it better for you anyway, you know cause you guys never really knew eachother that way and maybe thats what it needed, i dunno we'll see. But ya'll needa keep in touch and what not, still chill. And i think for Christmas, i'm gonna treat you out to eat your choice!!! I'm gonna hopefully have some money lol, otherwise you might be treating you...but thats the best i can do for you even though you deserve so much. You are so incredible and i thank you so much for everythin i couldn't have gotten through some stuff without you. Take care my willy!!!!

Michael C.- Hey you, well i'll admit youre OK! No really i don't hate you its just you can be a real ass to say the least but if you have "grown up" like you say then i guess i can LOOK INTO chillin with you. Maybe. ; ). But yea, we should go putt-putting again, so i can win for real alright, lol. OH AND GOOD JOB ON MAKING THE TEAM!!! Knew ya would...Ok, take care babe.

Sarah E.- HEY GURLY!!!! LOL. WEVE HAD SOME AWESOME TIMES YOU ROCK SISTER!!!!!! I like everything about the pool except the water....turn the lights out on christmas....GET ALL THE RETARDED KIDS OUT OF THE WATER!!! BOND! *stomp, swish hair* james bond LOL. Dont worry girl ill send the sub to come get you...while you sit down there singing, IM A REDNECK WOMAN and SHE THINKS MY TRACTORS sexy...OMG.......youre crazy woman, but i love you lots!!! MUAH!!!! sarah here are your lyrics,
I'm a redneck woman i aint no high class broad, just a product of my raisen i say hey yall and yee haw i keep my christmas lights up on my front porch all year long and i know all the words to ever charlie daniels song so heres all my sisters out there keepin in country let me get a big HELL YEA from all the redneck girls like me.
And, she thinks my tractors sexy it really turns her on shes always starin at me while im chuggin along she likes the way its pullin while im tillin up the land shes even kinda crazy bout my farmers tan shes the only one who really understands what gets me she thinks my tractors sexy THERE!!! Good LUCK ON MAKING THE TEAM!!!!!!!!!! I knew you would!!! But yea girl we had some AWESOME TIMES and it's more too come I LURVE YOU!!!!!

Richard Moyer- ALRIGHT ALRIGHT I GOT IN TOUCH WITH YOU!!!! WHOO HOO, now all thats left if chillin this summer!?!? Sorry i didn't get to see ya xmas time, but man things was crazy! I'll hit ya up when i get back down tho! MUAH
Anders- ANDERS BABE I LOVE YA!!! Dude youre the best to talk to i mean seriously we have some crazy shit goin on though i gotta admit. DEEP CONVERSATIONS... The fair was awesome, you like like a cow i once tipped, ooh hes got a penis on his face lol. Hey Anders...excuse me. But really that was great we needa chill more often i had a good time. Love ya lika fat kid love cake lol.

Derrick- MY LIL DRAGON!!!!!!! Woah i am soooo glad we started talkin you are AWESOME!!!!!!! You are always there for me when i need to talk especially about Shannon cause i know i can go on and on and on but you don't mind, or you don't show you mind lol. I'm so glad you and Amanda are workin it out, you deserve to be happy and if she makes you happy i wish the ABSOULUTE best for you!!! You are amazing and i wouldn't have gotten through that *rough time* without you. I had an awesome time with you at that game too, i'm glad we got to chill for once you know. But yea take care and if you need anything you know i'm here for you!!!!! especially if ya need a laugh...cause im a goober. Love you. Muah.

Sam D.- Sam, sam, sam i dunno why they call you fatty, you are so MUSCLEY!!!!! hahaha, its sooo awesome hanging out with you and Will you guess are HILARIOUS!!!! we need to wrestle, so you can kick my ass lol....unless i win then i would KICK YOUR ASS!! but you are great!! i'm gonna come watch you and will play some bball, you know rock that court!! hell yea! You're awesome, hit me up anytime!

Shannon- Baby, i love you sooo much. I know i argue about stupid shit, and i'm sorry really. But it's just cause you know..i'm gettin jealous and all. You mean the world to me and i'm always trippin cause i don't want anythin to mess it up this time. I guess you haven't been to happy lately and i dunno exactly whats goin but if there is anything i can do to help you let me know, you deserve to be happy and i want you too be...love you so much Shannon. xoxoxo
Justine- YAY! I am so glad we are talkin again!!! Hell yea, we gotta get together for a Dalmation House meeting!! So much to catch up on! I love you so much girl and you know i'm here for you and everything. Good luck with everything down in stuarts draft, including men..haha. But anyway take care babe. MUAH

Cody- Cody youre a dork, by the way i IMed some chicks that you had on your buddy list they dont seem to know you...lol why do you have them? Dork. But yea ill see you this christmas and i EXPECT a present. And a good one, like i dunno A BRUSH. since you broke mine and never paid me back for it...i cant believe you. But yea maybe you and josh can work out your differences so we dont have some of these crazy problems. and matt cause...well matts just a queer so he doesnt even matter...but we've had some weird conversations online... i dunno what the hell goes through your mind you drunk ass...lol but i love ya anyway....L O V E ME!!!!!!

Matt H- Matt, you are awesome lol. I SCORED SOOO MUCH THIS SEASON!!!!!!! We need to play proper one on one, you know when im not in jeans lol...i still want my rock k? I can't believe it, we're gonna have to consider it a christmas present, or at your rate a 15th birthday gift...I'm glad you and will started talkin again though i was gonna get mad if you guys ruined that shit, but yea if you need someone i'm here for you love ya!

Chris- Alright you wanted to be in here so ill put a little something something. You are pretty cool, i gotta admit i didnt like you much at first but youre alright man. Good luck with football and everything and im gonna try and make it out to one your games. I'll talk atcha more later though.

Aaron- HEY KID!!! lol you are so completely awesome. We have some pretty messed up conversations you know about Mrs.Hawkeye. I gotta admit you are a lot different than i thought you were gonna be but thats alright because you are soooo cooool. Lol Abby...Oh and thanks for talkin with me about that stuff  and everything it meant a lot to me and if you need something hit me up. HAHA. YOU GOT SERVED...youre a dork but in a great way. Well i hope we keep talkin in stuff you're extra special. MUAH!

Andy- Hey what up Andy. You're great. We need to get together sometime and play that one on one and do some dancing. Since we are both lonely lol. No really though you are soo cool and im glad i got your screenname and we can talk and stuff. I guess i'll be seein you friday. Love ya! ANDY BABE I WANNA THANK YOU SOOO MUCH FOR MONDAY NIGHT THAT YOU WERE THERE FOR ME!!!! you are awesome dont let no one tell you otherwise

Justin- what up boy? Lol, we are soo cool right, me and my missing stamp and my singing. We gotta sing together still cause you know we have FABULOUS voices. I thought it was pretty funny how when i called i was standing right next to lol... but thats alright. Well, i love talkin to you, you're always there when i need to vent or have some nerdy moments (A LOT) but thanks so much we needa chill some time. LOVE YA!!!

Jenny- WHAT UP GURL!!! YOU ROCK!!! LOL!!!! "Jenny you're so cool", "I know, i rock." Oh yea. Bubblegum skittles, you're smart haha. But really, man i love you gurl we had some good times and what not and its just gonna get better right?? Oh hell yea it is. I hope you get with Tim hahaha i need to see him, to make sure i approve, but i know i will! Good luck in your softball alright?!? I'm gonna get your gloves back lol...MUAH!!!!!!
Airaka- LMAO!!! you are sooo stupid. By stupid i meant hilarious. White....as...snow!!!! "i'm like picasso" "He's an artist." "right." LOL we blew up your mother effin macaroni that was classic lol. We are soo cool!!! I hope everything works out with hines/gaylin/bobby/derrick whoever you damn flavor of the week is...uh huh wheres YOUR MOUTH BEEN!? No really though, well that is real, but really, you are awesome and i'm here for ya, keep ya head up MUAH. WHOO HOOOO PARTAYYY (party dance)!!!! LOL AMAZING!!!!! No dude, we had the best times alright, freakin crap
"Airaka didn't you just piss at the gas station"
"Yea but i have to go again."
"WHAT that's it?"
"What are you talkin about."
"I could have sworn i had to pee, but nothin."
LOL yea yea, we gonna get you straight with Matt and shit cause i kno ya can't stop thinkin bout him...hehe... you big DYKE! like me!! No really tho you know i love you like pooh luvs honey and you're the best!!!!!! MUAH x 2

Alright so i kno this is corny, but all you babes on how kno how i do, i'm all about the corny STUFF!!! WHOO HOOO and since this is a page bout some friends, then i'm gonna put the song for some friends....ah ha...
So no one told you life was gonna be this way
Life's a joke, you're broke, your love life's DOA
It's like you're always stuck in second gear
When it hasn't been your day, your week, your month, or even your year
I"ll be there for you
(when the rain starts to pour)
I'll be there for you
(like i've been there before)
I'll be there for you
Cause you're there for me too
You're still in bed at ten
When work began at eight
You burned your breakfast so far
Things are goin great
Your mother warned you there'd be days like these
But she didn't tell you when the world was brought
Down to your knees
I'll be there for you
(When the rain starts to pour)
I'll be there for you
(like i've been there before)
I'll be there for you
Cause you're there for me too
No one could ever know me
No one could ever see me
Seems you're the only one who knows what it's like to be me
Someone to face the day with, make it through all the mess with
Someone i'll always laugh with
Even at my worst i'm best with-
It's like you're always stuck in second gear
When it hasn't been your day, your week, your month or even your year...
The Remembrants: I'll Be There For You (Friends Theme)

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