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This is not all written by me. Many of the authors are unknown but i have given credit to those that i do know. If you would like one of your poems on here i would be happy to add it. Just let me know.
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A smiling face is on earth like star
A frown can't bring out the beauty that you are
Love within and you'll begin smiling...
There're brighter days ahead
Don't mess your face up with bitter tears
'Cause life is gonna be what it is
It's okay, please don't delay from smiling...
There're brighter days ahead
A smiling face you don't have to see
'Cause it's as joyful as a Christmas tree
Love within and you'll begin smiling...
There're brighter days ahead
Love's not competing it's on your side
You're in life picture so why must you cry
So for a friend please begin to smile - Please
There're brighter days ahead

I sometimes wonder
on nights like these
Whether you remember me
if my name whistles through the trees
I tell myself I'm over it
that it meant nothing to me
Just a little sweet mistake
a beautiful catastrophe
But your words - they meant something
even if now they are scattered
And us - we meant something
once shining, now we're tattered
Do you look back
and remember yesterday
Or do you shred the memories like confetti
and throw them all away?
Were we an illusion
or were we for real
Did you really make me feel those things
that I thought I'd never feel?
Does something ever happen to remind you
of how we used to be
Do you wish you'd kept those fallen words unsaid
to show them all to me?
Maybe your eyes sting a little
whenever you look back at 'then'
Perhaps you wish you could turn back time
so that we could start again
I tell myself I don't notice
I tell myself I don't care
I say those feelings that I thought I felt
we never really there
Did I manage to convince you
when my words were so untrue?
Shame I couldn't convince myself
I can see right through
I miss our fairytale
which never did begin
I miss you, I miss how I felt
I miss everything...

You helped me laugh
You dried my tears
Because of you
I have no fears
Together we live
together we grow
teaching each other
what we must know
you came in my life
and i was blessed
i love you my friend
you are the best
realease my hand
and say goodbye
please my friend
dont you cry
i promise you this
its not the end
cause like i said
you are my friend...

If i leave here tomorrow
would you still feel the same
would you hear me at night
when you whisper my name
would you remember me each day
and know out love was true
would you remember our night together
when i was holding you
would you break down and cry
a river of endless tears
would you be able to feel me
if ever i was near
would you understand my feeling
could you deal with all the pain
or would you go crazy
and take all the blame
would you know that i still love you
through all the pain and sorrow
would you still be in love with me
if i leave here tomorrow

All I cant say:
theres so much i cant say
when i look into your eyes
im worried youll reject me
and hurt my foolish pride
each day this love grows stronger
but i could never let you know
theres so much behind my smile
that i could never show
id hold you for a lifetime
if you would let me in
id love you like no other
but you dont understand
everytime i see you
you are holding her
this pain is like a knife
cutting deep into my soul
so ill dream of us together
of just how it could be
and all that you are
will remain a silent part of me

when no one is there for you
and you think no one cares
when the world walks out on you
and you think youre alone
ill be there
when the one you care about most
could care less about you
when the one you gave your heart too
throws it in your face
ill be there
when the person you trusted most
betrays you
when the person you share all your memories with
cant even remember your birthday
ill be there
when al you need is a friend
to listen to you whine
when all you need is someone
to catch your tears
ill be there
when your heart hearts so bad
you can even breath
when you just want to crawl up and die
ill be there
when you start to cry
and river of endless tears
after hearing that sad song
and the tears just wont stop falling
ill be there
so you see ill be there until the end
this is a promise i can make
if you ever need me
just give me a call
and ill be there

heres to the crazy ones
the misfits the rebels
the troublemakers
the round pegs in the square holes
the ones who see things differently
the arent fond of rules
the have no respect for the status quo
you can quote them
disagree with them
glorify or villfy them
but the on thing you cant do is ignore them
because they change things
they push the human race forward
and while some may seem them as crazy
we see as genius
because the people who are crazy enough
to think they can change the world
are the ones that do

*If you do this...damn...let the Lord be with you
I'll draw you a picture
I picture with a twist
I'll draw it with a razorblade
I'll draw it on my wrist
And as i draw this picture
A bloody fountain appears
As the bloody fountain flows
My problems disappear
So let this pain wash over me
Dance beneath the skin
Waiting for this rush to end
When the blood falls
I wonder why i even bother living
Whats the point when everything is so fucked up
You tell me
It feels good to bleed
Sacrifice everything to death

A poem Takeem wrote a while back, he probably doesn't remember it, but i do.
Love is like a feather
Floatin in the breeze
Sometimes it goes real fast
Or at the greatest ease

Sometimes it lifts you high
So high you can touch the sky
Sometimes it takes you low
So low you wish you would die

And when you loose a loved one
Be strong enough to say
That youll never forget them
But youll love another day

Mother To Son: Langston Hughes
Well son i'll tell you
Life for me aint been no crystal stair
It had tacks in it
And splinters
And boards torn up
And places with no carpet on the floor-
But all the time
I'se been a-climben on
And reachin landins
And turnin corners
And sometimes goin in the dark
Where there aint been no light
So boy, dont you turn your back
Dont you set down on those steps
Cause you find its kinda harder
Dont you fall now-
For i'se still going hunny
I'se still climben
And life for me aint been no crystal stair

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