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The Eternal Lament
From my mind to the depths of my soul
I yearn to acheive all of my goals
And all of my free time will be spent
on the ones i miss i will lament
I am not a perfectionest
yet i seek perfection
I am not a great romantic
yet i yearn for affection
eternally my mind will produce
ways to put my talen to use
and when im dont no matter where ive been
ill yearn to do it all again

The Star Shining Within
Secrets are hidden within the clouds of darkness
And in this place no on dares to breath
In fear of self expression
It has been this way
Forever and a day
Until she came close to shine
With a spark of innocents and questions
only too be answered with darkness
not just darkness but the silent kind
it steals your sould and kills your mind
there was no compassion for this striving star
only explanation
and confused jealousy
you saw no hope and brought no end
never acknowledging the star within

March 1st the day After April
Today i woke and feel even lonlier
But i see positive potential
My hear shook much like the quake
Then the pain was gone
The arctic breeze formed the fortress
Barricading my fragile heart from pain
It is not that i dont love you
It was because i did love you
That i must move on
as long as i breath
i will remember
"We as 2"

Youre Ripping Us Apart
Before you came the triangle never broke
we were bonded and melted as one
But as the two pushed you away
the one got weak and embraced you
and now youre ripping us apart
the worst feeling of helplessness
the greatest pain has rested in my heart
the vision of heaven fades
and a nightmare of lonliness has started
my her has been defeated by you
and now what can i do
watch as you destroy us
and our love is finally through
i know the worst is here
you got into the circle
now youre tearing us apart

Under the Skies Above
my child is out there somewhere
under the skies above
waiting anxiously for you and me
to bless it with out love
apart of me a part of you
and apart of this love we share
will protect my unborn child
who lives dormant out there somwhere
sometimes in my dreams
i imagine what it would be like
how could i properly guide him
when even i dont know whats right
whether he is born in wealth
or poverty
there will be no defiency in love
i welcome this gift of love
given from God under the skies above

When Your Heart Turns Cold
WHen your heart turns cold
it causes your sould to freeze
it spreads throughout your body
like a ruthless feeling disease
the walls that were once down
now stand firm and tall
safe from hate/love pain/joy
until you feel nothing at all
when you heart turns cold
a babies cry means nothing
a dead corpse is trivial
mother neglecting their children becomes daily
lonliness becomes you routine friend
death seems like tranquility
sleeping is never pleasant
if you even sleep at all
you forget ideas and turn off the reason
to make sure the product gets sold
you dont understand how i behave
just wait till your heart turns cold

So i Say Goodbye
im goin into this
not knowing what ill find
ive decided to follow my heart
and abandon my mind
and if there is pain at least i
gave my all
and it is better to have loved and lost
then to not have loved at all
in the morning i may wake
to a smile or i maybe to cry
but first to those of my past
i must say goodbye

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